WordPress Hates Me

One may notice that this post is not exactly feature length. That’s because apparently WordPress is against my publication of content. Basically, the story is, I had just finished my post for this week, and published it. Then, suddenly, when I decided to check up on the blog, it turns out that the post was not appearing on the site. Baffled, I checked up to see if it had been posted, and there is apparently no record of this post having ever existed at all. In other words, all of my writing over the past week has been for nothing! Of course, I should probably inform any potential readers of this tragic occurrence, because not doing so is kind of a dick move, hence the existence of this paragraph. I apologize for this event, and I hope that things will turn out better next week. Until then, happy new year, and get working on your resolutions!

Update: Apparently WordPress doesn’t actually hate me, but is a really big troll. It turns out that the post took several hours to go up for some reason, but in that few hours, there was no trace of anything at all. I think I might go insane. But yeah, it’s up now. So there.


One comment

  1. Jason · January 2, 2015

    Darn this is quite unfortunate.


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