Got a New Computer!

So, my dad finally got around to spending his hard-earned cash on spoiling me, so I can actually properly work on the next update! As to whether or not I’ll actually do it…


Ultraman Ginga Series Recap – Part 1

So I’ve decided to ditch the whole scene-by-scene thing, at least as far as TV shows are concerned. Hopefully it works out more this way.


Ultraman Ginga is, by all means, a fairly terrible show. The characters are bland, the plots are dumb, and the very premise of the show is weak to begin with. And the budget was supposedly non-existent, due to Tsubaraya Productions’ never-ending financial woes. That last part shows. Despite all this, however, Ginga can be a surprisingly fun show at times, mostly when it stops trying to be anything more than what it is, which more often than not is pretty goddamn stupid.

So enough stalling, let’s get down to recapping the show! This part covers the first 6 episodes. Read More