Darker than Amber Recap


Oh, Robert Clouse. What will people remember you for? They will remember your for Enter the Dragon, which technically wasn’t even really your movie. You’ll be remembered for Game of Death, or in other words, for crapping on Bruce Lee’s legacy by refusing to let a dead project die peacefully. You’ll be remembered for trying to introduce Jackie Chan to the West in the most awkward way possible in Battle Creek Brawl. And you’ll probably be remembered for Gymkata, too, though I doubt you’re too happy about that.

But some may remember you for this movie, the (to my knowledge) only adaptation of John D. MacDonald’s Travis McGee novels. Basically, Travis McGee is to Batman what James Bond is to Superman (credit to Roger Ebert for the analogy). Basically, he’s a self-described “beach bum” who generally takes cases when he’s running low on funds, and is self-employed, so doesn’t have the luxury of shiny gadgets to get him through tough situations, or a sexy name.

Interesting enough premise, but given this movie’s failure at the box office, not an especially profitable one. Apparently it impressed Bruce Lee enough so that he gave the directing job for Enter the Dragon to Clouse when he saw the production. Most reviews I’ve read about it are pretty positive. So I guess there must be something about this movie that got people excited, right?

I know I’m supposed to answer my rhetorical question with a “Hell no, this movie is way overrated” or something, but I honestly have nothing concrete to say about it, because I don’t remember a thing about it from when I watched it in preparation for this recap. I can’t say if I liked it, if I disliked it, or really anything other than it was a movie, and I just spent 90 minutes of my life watching it. i suppose part of the reason is because I was watching an incredibly shitty VHS rip, and so I couldn’t process anything that was going on.

Fortunately, it turns out that the entire thing is available on Youtube for free, and in much better quality (and without Swedish subtitles; the copy I first saw had those). So, basically, instead of watching the movie again in preparation, I’m going be doing a blind recap, with almost no knowledge of what is going to happen, and see how it holds up. Read More