Ultraman Ginga S Series Recap Part 2

Last time: Shou was being all angsty, an old monster from the classic Ultraman shows attacked, Ultraman Ginga got some random new power, and Hikaru made a friendship speech. I kicked myself for not making a reference to Dark Precure. Repeat 8 times, and that was the first half of Ultraman Ginga S. Now, the more varied conclusion. Read More


Ultraman Ginga S Series Recap – Part 1


A couple of months ago, I watched, recapped, and summed up my thoughts about the series Ultraman Ginga. A relatively short story even shorter, I didn’t like it very much. It was almost enough to make me wonder if the Ultra Series was ever even all that great to begin with, to make me wonder if my childhood was a lie, to make me wonder if Tsuburaya would ever drag themselves out of the hole that they’d dug. Well, fortunately the answers to these questions are yes, no, and yes. Ginga‘s sequel series, Ultraman Ginga S, is rather superior to its predecessor. Like GingaGinga S is rather silly and over-the-top, but not in a way that insults your intelligence, and with characters who the writers even bothered to make likeable. I can happily say that Ultraman Ginga was only a terrible but brief misstep in the Ultra Series otherwise stellar run. Let’s take a look at exactly how this series managed to outdo its father show by recapping the first eight episodes! Read More