Smile Precure vs. the World: Deceased Parent Edition

smile-titlePretty Cure is a franchise that is infamous for reusing certain plot elements. And of all its more than 10 seasons, the worst offender is Smile Pretty Cure. But is it fair to call the episodes of Smile that reused previous episode plots lazy or repetitive? Did the soft reboot episodes do anything different with what was previously done with the same concepts? Are rhetorical questions annoying?

I’m going to be taking a look at episodes of Smile Pretty Cure that are essentially remakes of episodes of older seasons, and comparing them to see what they did differently, what makes them distinct, and then giving a half-assed and arbitrary opinion about which one is better. Be prepared, because we’re in for a ride. Welcome, my friends, to “Smile Precure vs. the World”. Why is it called that? Because 1) it’s a catchy title, and 2) “Smile Precure” has the same initials as “Scott Pilgrim”. Now let’s get started!

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Go! Princess Precure: First Impressions

Sorry no fairies this week. And maybe not even next week, either. Due to some new pursuits, I am reducing the number of updates to this blog. And changing the name as well, as I’m not sure how much actual recapping I will be doing in the future. So, yeah. Not updated every Friday anymore. But in the meantime, here’s something light for your reading pleasure. Read More