Ultraman X Series Recap Part 3

Last time: there was a rugby match for the ages, the origin of mountains was finally revealed, putting decades of geology research into moot, and Daichi and Ultraman X’s relationship was taken to the next level. And now, the conclusion to this epic saga! Read More


Ultraman X Series Recap Part 2

I have a new canon in which Daichi is Akari Ozora’s father in Aikatsu, and the “light” that Ichigo saw in her back in season 2 was her Ultraman blood. Also, Johnny Bepp is Gentaro Kisaragi’s cousin.bepp-sensei

Anyway, on to the second part of Ultraman X.ultramanx2-1 Read More

Ultraman X Series Recap Part 1


2013 was kind of a rough year. Things weren’t so hot at Toei, with Kamen Rider Wizard and Doki Doki Precure generally considered by fans to be among the weakest installments of their respective franchises, and my personal dislike of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger (which, admittedly, seems to be a somewhat unpopular opinion). But the year was perhaps hardest on the Ultra Series, because that was the year Ultraman Ginga came along. I did a recap of the show way back when, and I did not like it very much, to say the least. Ginga S, while no masterpiece, was more likable and truer to the spirit of the Ultra Series, but not enough to really let me know that the franchise was back on its feet.

Well, I do know now that the franchise is back on its feet, because Ultraman X is one of the best seasons of the series in quite a while. It came at the right time, too, because immediately preceding Ginga was a period of basically nothing but Ultra Seven spinoff media. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but combined with the much more gimmicky Ginga shows, it’s hard not to leave with a bad taste in your mouth. X knows how to use the Spark Doll thing to its advantage, without feeling like it’s just suckering the viewer to buy toys. I mean, it is, obviously, but the show is never blatant about it, as the story and characters come first, and that’s what really will get people buying. But enough chitchat, it’s time to delve into the mountain of awesomeness that is Ultraman X! Read More

Ultraman Ginga S Series Recap Part 2

Last time: Shou was being all angsty, an old monster from the classic Ultraman shows attacked, Ultraman Ginga got some random new power, and Hikaru made a friendship speech. I kicked myself for not making a reference to Dark Precure. Repeat 8 times, and that was the first half of Ultraman Ginga S. Now, the more varied conclusion. Read More

Ultraman Ginga S Series Recap – Part 1


A couple of months ago, I watched, recapped, and summed up my thoughts about the series Ultraman Ginga. A relatively short story even shorter, I didn’t like it very much. It was almost enough to make me wonder if the Ultra Series was ever even all that great to begin with, to make me wonder if my childhood was a lie, to make me wonder if Tsuburaya would ever drag themselves out of the hole that they’d dug. Well, fortunately the answers to these questions are yes, no, and yes. Ginga‘s sequel series, Ultraman Ginga S, is rather superior to its predecessor. Like GingaGinga S is rather silly and over-the-top, but not in a way that insults your intelligence, and with characters who the writers even bothered to make likeable. I can happily say that Ultraman Ginga was only a terrible but brief misstep in the Ultra Series otherwise stellar run. Let’s take a look at exactly how this series managed to outdo its father show by recapping the first eight episodes! Read More

Ultraman Ginga Series Recap – Part 1

So I’ve decided to ditch the whole scene-by-scene thing, at least as far as TV shows are concerned. Hopefully it works out more this way.


Ultraman Ginga is, by all means, a fairly terrible show. The characters are bland, the plots are dumb, and the very premise of the show is weak to begin with. And the budget was supposedly non-existent, due to Tsubaraya Productions’ never-ending financial woes. That last part shows. Despite all this, however, Ginga can be a surprisingly fun show at times, mostly when it stops trying to be anything more than what it is, which more often than not is pretty goddamn stupid.

So enough stalling, let’s get down to recapping the show! This part covers the first 6 episodes. Read More